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Alliance of Community Assistance Ministries, Inc.
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ACAM provides support and services to ministries
and does not provide financial assistance directly
to the general public. Please call 2-1-1 for basic needs and financial assistance.


Program Development and Funding Manager

Title: Program Development and Funding Manager

Reports To: Chief Executive Officer

The Position

Under the general supervision and direction of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), the Program Development and Funding Manager manages the program and development operations of the intermediary. In addition, the Program Development and Funding Manager has overall responsibility for the collection of timely and accurate program data and documents needed to analyze and communicate programmatic success of ACAM and its ministry partners to funders and stakeholders and to ensure the quality of ACAM programs.

Specific Responsibilities

  1. Assist in the development, implementation, and evaluation of program grants, ensure compliance requirements are met, and establish outcome reporting measures and documentation.
  2. Review grants, grant agreements, service contracts and partnership agreements/applications from partners and potential partners.
  3. Compile data and partner input from community networking events and trainings as well as capacity assessments for partners to analyze in aggregate; and perform internal and external financial reviews related to programs on an as-needed basis.
  4. Manage the contract(s), calendar and documents for capacity assessment services and activities related to the Organizational Development Program, including but not limited to procurement and annual reviews.
  5. Monitor compliance and technical assistance to and for partners as needed. Collect and analyze subjective and objective information from partners and prepare user friendly reports, need statements, grant reports and presentations etc.
  6. Lead staff assigned to the ACAM Resiliency FIRST Initiative and serve as the liaison to Homelessness Prevention partners (Coalition for the Homeless, CoC, HMIS, etc.); and Healthy Community partners (clinics, advocacy groups, food banks, etc.).  
  7. Cross train staff and increase access and usability of data and information throughout ACAM.
  8. Other duties as assigned.

Candidate Specification

The ideal candidate will have:

  • Experience with government grants, and knowledge of Uniform Guidance Single Audit, Subpart F (Formerly A-133).
  • Proficiency in Microsoft packages including but not limited to Outlook, Excel, Word, and PowerPoint required.  Experience with Apricot is a plus.
  • Training and development expertise in program design and delivery.

Education Credentials

  • Undergraduate degree required. Master’s Degree Preferred.

Management and Work Experience

  • Minimum five years of professional experience with nonprofit organizations in analysis and compliance with management responsibilities.
  • Excellent problem-solving, decision-making and demonstrated verbal and written communication capabilities
  • Proven ability to produce evidence-based grant reports.
  • Demonstrated ability to effectively manage projects such as federally funded community- based human services.
  • Ability to understand all aspects of nonprofit management including financial statements and revenue models as well as federal grant requirements.
  • Excellent writing and verbal communication skills.
  • Experience with working with faith-based organizations a plus.
  • Proficient at data management, analysis and presentation. Experience in compliance is a plus.

Personal Skills and Characteristics

  • Effective communicator with excellent presentation skills.
  • Exceptional follow-through and superior organizational skills.
  • Maintains the highest standard of personal and technical integrity.
  • Demonstrates a high level of professionalism, personal creativity and the ability to develop and maintain an environment that stimulates creative thinking.
  • Ability to communicate with all publics at all levels.
  • Ability to build effective relationships and networks.
  • Strong analytical, critical thinking, research and data skills.
  • Cross-cultural sensitivity


  • Competitive salary and benefits package, salary commensurate with experience.  

The Organization

The ACAM Network is a group of interconnected faith-based basic needs providers with a common goal of helping people in immediate crisis to not only avoid hunger and homelessness, but also to develop long-term family resiliency. The demand for services is increasing as is the size of our regional population grows. The ACAM Network is stepping up capacity to serve more than 210,000 people next year. Through collaboration, our forward-thinking partners believe that together we can do more to increase the health, wealth and overall stability of families. In turn, through ACAM, the Network is increasing collaboration, promoting each other's development, raising service standards, innovating programs and making a greater impact in the lives of low-income families across the region.

ACAM is a 501 (c) 3 public charity and management support organization dedicated to high-impact collaboration, service excellence and organizational development. Our goal is to continue building regional resiliency through creating and sharing programs and practices that help families rise above their basic needs and create more stable lives with tools to weather hardship. Resources will allow the collaborative between ACAM and participating assistance organizations. ACAM’s services include: capacity building (assessment and assistance with organizational development, executive coaching and mentoring, and access to networking), collaborative opportunities with other such organizations, advocacy and outreach as well as training. It is comprised of four full-time staff including the CEO, Program Development and Funding Manager, Project & Operations Manager, and an AmeriCorps VISTA with an annual operating budget of approximately $1.8 million.

Mission and Vision Statements

The mission of ACAM is that the ACAM Network advances collaboration to create community-wide solutions for thriving nonprofits, neighborhoods and families.  

The vision of ACAM is an innovative, connected network that ensures families in need have a path to stability, health, and wealth.


  1. Help families gain tools to develop long-term stability as the demand for services continues to rise – building the resiliency of our region through more resilient families
  2. Connect, enhance and improve neighborhood-based projects, strengthening them with a common vision, standardized processes, and outcomes for a stronger regional social safety net (from which other organizations and regions may benefit through replication and enhanced research)
  3. Strive to honor and enhance the unique relationship partner organizations have with the individual communities they serve, while also fostering leadership and organizational transformation for regional impact
  4. Focus on ways that improved capacity serves a larger purpose across multiple organizations  

ACAM’s Programs:

  • Organizational Development (assessments, grants, hands-on support): ACAM promotes sound practices in nonprofit operations and programming. Organizational assessments inform partners on areas of strength and weakness and are used to develop capacity building plans. ACAM supports plan implementation through stipends for training and consulting and direct grants to develop organizational infrastructure.
  • Training & Networking (best practices, peer learning): This component promotes best practice knowledge, peer learning and information exchange for the following groups: executive directors, resource development managers, volunteer coordinators, client service managers and thrift store managers. Peer mentoring relationships are developed among executive directors. This component also helps to build relationships between ACAM partners and funders.
  • Community Education & Outreach (reaching underserved areas, raising awareness, fostering cross-sector relationships): This component is aimed at increasing partnership by reaching out to underserved parts of Greater Houston, raising the profile of CAMs as service hubs in their communities and raising awareness around the issues affecting the people served by the CAMs. Activities are focused on rallying support for initiatives and funding that will provide pathways out of poverty for the CAMs’ clients.
  • Management Support Services (consulting, project management): ACAM provides services to non-network nonprofits and funders related to its proprietary Nine Elements Assessment Tool (NEAT©) and its processes. ACAM will also offer facilitation and fiduciary services from time to time as well.
  • Collaborative Initiatives (developing services that address root causes of poverty and urgent community needs): ACAM helps partners use their collective strength to develop regionwide service streams and service models that address root causes of poverty. ACAM also organizes partner- and funder-driven initiatives to provide immediate response to partner needs.  ACAM is effective in coordinating efforts to address emergency situations affecting the lives of the clients served by the CAMs, including but not limited to homelessness prevention, affordable housing, health access, financial capability, and disaster relief and recovery.