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Alliance of Community Assistance Ministries, Inc.
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ACAM provides support and services to ministries
and does not provide financial assistance directly
to the general public. Please call 2-1-1 for basic needs and financial assistance.



Prospective ACAM network members are basic needs providers that provide two or more of the following: food, case management, clothing, employment services, financial assistance for rent and/or utilities, school supplies/uniforms or transportation. They are faith-based in mission, vision and origin, without requiring a particular expression of faith or participation in religious activity as a basis for receiving services.

By joining the ACAM network, ministries commit to ongoing organizational development within Nine Elements of Organizational Capacity (shown in the table below), which includes areas such as board development and fundraising. As a part of the capacity building process, ACAM members participate in organizational assessments and training.


Rigorous assessment of members’ organizational capacity and substantive goals for building capacity are key components of ACAM membership.  Therefore, all ACAM members agree to participate in ACAM’s Organizational Development Program, which  includes periodic evaluations of organizational development using the NEAT© system.

As the foundation of ACAM’s Capacity Building Program, the NEAT© system includes criteria that helps define 1) an organization’s eligibility to join the ACAM network and 2) the requirements for ACAM’s three network status affiliations: Associate, Fellow or Advocate. 

1)      Associates

Eligible organizations join ACAM as an Associate.  One prerequisite for joining is that organizations meet all criteria in the Infrastructure Development Phase that are identified as an ACAM affiliate requirement.  These indicators are designed to ensure that new network organizations have the organizational resources and support they will need to participate and to benefit from ACAM’s programs.  To remain an in the ACAM network, an organization must maintain all tenants of network agreements and policies defined by NEAT©.

2)      Fellows

To become a Fellow, an organization must complete 100% of the Infrastructure Development Phase indicators defined in the NEAT© system.  To retain Fellow status, an organization must continually fulfill all indicators of the Infrastructure Development Phase as determined by subsequent NEAT© reviews. 

3)     Supporting Partners

Network organizations achieving Supporting Partner status have moved beyond the need for infrastructure development and capacity building and are therefore ineligible for infrastructure or capacity building grants. Supporting Partners may attend Executive Leader and Staff Trainings facilitated by ACAM, participate in the Executive Leader Workgroup, and participate in projects within the ACAM Collaborative Initiatives Program. 

Becoming part of the ACAM network is a valuable experience on many levels:

•             Apply for Capacity Building Grants of up to $25,000

•             Access funds for training and consulting projects of up to $5,000

•             Receive organizational assessments and assistance with capacity building plans free of charge

•             Access all ACAM training and networking events free of charge

•             Build relationships with ACAM funders, consultants and community partners

•             Find the support of other organizations that do similar work

Click here to see if your ministry is ready to apply for entry into the ACAM network.

Click here for ACAM’s Network Application and Policies

For more information on how to become a member of ACAM, please contact Sharon Zachary, CEO at (713) 341-5335 or