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Alliance of Community Assistance Ministries, Inc.
710 North Post Oak Road, Suite 210
Houston, Texas 77024

(713) 640-5192 Main Line
ACAM provides support and services to ministries
and does not provide financial assistance directly
to the general public. Please call 2-1-1 for basic needs and financial assistance.

ACAM's mission is to advance high-impact collaboration, service excellence and organizational development among community assistance ministries.

ACAM envisions a community supported by
a network of faith-based collaborative ministries
that provide opportunities for families and individuals
to meet and rise above their basic needs.


Wells Fargo Foundation supports ACAM Crisis Communications and GHRSN Disaster Recovery Efforts

Published on March 3, 2016

About ACAM

ACAM is a network of partner ministries serving Houston and the surrounding areas. ACAM network partners are faith-based, grassroots organizations that help low-income families in crisis regain stability through provision of basic needs services such as food, rent and other types of assistance. They also respond to local emergencies such as disasters and food shortages. Each ministry works on the front lines with clients to help them achieve self-sufficiency. ACAM’s mission is to advance high impact collaboration, service excellence and organizational development among its network and other nonprofit organizations in the Greater Houston region.

In 2014, ACAM leveraged over $1.3 million to support organizational development of its network partners. This support resulted in over 230,000 clients being helped throughout Greater Houston. ACAM envisions a community that is supported by a network of faith based collaborative ministries that provide opportunities for families and individuals to meet and rise above their basic needs.

For more information about ACAM please visit Again, we extend our utmost gratitude to the Wells Fargo Foundation for supporting the efforts to strengthen the ACAM network through preparedness and crisis communication training.

Greater Houston Storm Recovery Network

The Greater Houston Storm Recovery Network (GHSRN) is honored to announce it has received a grant of $75,000 to support disaster preparedness and relief efforts in the region. GHSRN is a state recognized, long term recovery group made up of over thirty government, nonprofit and corporate organizations who have joined together to address the unmet needs of Greater Houston’s Memorial Day floods, which caused an estimated $30 million in damages. ACAM is proud to serve as the fiduciary partner for the GHSRN.

The grant received by the Wells Fargo Foundation will help to support families and individuals devastated by the floods, as well as support the building of a comprehensive disaster management network that will provide organizations with training and resources. This is a community-wide effort to assist flood survivors with unmet needs and provide valuable information to help with future preparation and disaster recovery efforts.

For more information about GHSRN please visit Again, we extend our utmost gratitude to the Wells Fargo Foundation for supporting the efforts to become a stronger community who is ready to meet the challenges presented by natural disasters.